Installed Arch Linux this weekend and Unity 3D just yesterday! I am very impressed with the results so far! Of course a lot of testing will be needed and a new beta version of SlotLeague Time Trials, for Linux this time 😉

Got a few problems so far, but they are very minor issues. Like the buttons with the arrows to slide left and right just have no arrows anymore… O.o

The upload time trial function (WWW class) has a minor behaviour difference. When no error happens the http://www.error property returns “” instead of null. I know… I should had used string.IsNullOrEmpty… but I did not… no donuts for me 😦

As I said, very minor issues, I would not even call them issues…. maybe a couple of little tiny glitches? 🙂

Thanks to “spacepluk (DoctorJellyface, fwalch, z3ntu)” the maintainers of the arch linux Unity 3D package, great job guys! awesome!

In case someone wants the link to the package, here it is:Unity3D Arch Linux



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