Hand Drawn Track Creation on 1.1.0

Hand Drawn Track Creation on 1.1.0

Next version 1.1.0 will have a new menu on the track panel of the game (swiping right the main menu panel).

It will be possible to download new tracks from the Facebook Group, Select which one you want to play (from created and downloaded tracks) and now it will be possible to create new tracks!

The Android App “SlotLeague Tracker” can already identify hand drawn sketches of racing tracks and publish on Facebook for everyone to download.

“So if there is an Android app for that, why bother creating a new menu?”

For two reasons! First, because it is a LOT easier if the option is already on the game! Second, because it is a much IMPROVED process!!

Now even ball point colored pen can be used on any simple white stock sheet of paper! Besides, the track identification goes under a “smoothing” process of the track points.

This means that even though a hand drawn track does not have a high level of precision (such as an SVG editor can) the smoothing process tries to ignore imperfections and make the curves smooth and consistent with the other curves and straights of the track!

On the featured image above, the track is hand drawn and the new menu is used to create it on the game track database. On the top left there is a picture of the identified points which are used to render the “smoothed” track. Blue points mean those points that define the racing track. The white points are added in order to help the math formula to calculate the smoothed points better!

Unfortunately both limitation of SlotLeague Tracker still remain: 1) cannot create tracks which intersect itself (“8” shaped tracks) and 2) cannot create tracks with variant height points, such as the “First SVG” track officially numbered 1.

There is only one issue being corrected and tested and this next week, version 1.1.0 will be released! Let’s start drawing slot car tracks!


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