It does not stop at 1.0!

It does not stop at 1.0!

There are many improvements to be made to the game. Those will be released as soon as tested. New game mode, better rendering, performances improvements, all will be released before version 2.0 😉

So, it is already time for version 1.0.1! What has been changed:

  1. The track loading time has been greatly improved
  2. User made tracks are now validated to prevent basic rendering errors
  3. Menu logic simplified


Track loading

Every time the player selected a new scene, when coming back to the main menu the whole process of loading and generating the track was performed. This was kinda annoying after a few menu clicks…

The game has been improved to keep the last rendered track on memory, and only starts a new loading process if the current track has changed.


User generated tracks

It is possible to create tracks where some turns are too close from other turns. This gives no room for rendering the track or the game objects around it. Now there is a validation of the track before saving it.


Menu logic

It is hard to find a way of explaining the two race modes and how they differ from each other. Specially when in a casual game the player does not feel like reading text right?

So instead of showing text messages and relying that the user will read them and interpret each one, now the game decides what is probably the best scene to be launched.

For instance, if you have selected a new track, then the game automatically starts a time trial on that track, instead of going to the main menu and doing nothing until the user chooses “time trial” or “ranked race”.

This menu logic has been changed thanks to the players feedback!


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